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Complete home remodeling at Dune Allen house

Complete Home Remodeling

About Complete Home Remodeling

When we can put all of our experience together with all of our great team to create a wonderful experience for our clients, we are really excited about that. Given the opportunity to completely change the interior of a house or condo is a real privilege for us. Here is what we can do:

Removing dated popcorn ceilings and re-texturing them is a great way to upgrade a dated home. New interior doors can add that updated look too. From flat or six-panel to a modern two-panel, for example.

New kitchen cabinets, replacing old cabinets that have served their purpose and are falling apart, is a great way to upgrade. If the cabinet boxes are still good, sometimes just repainting is an option, along with changing the draw and door faces.

New quartz or granite countertops is another great way to say “wow”!

Bathrooms are also most often in need of an upgrade. New tile showers with new glass shower doors are popular, as are new vanities and tops along with new bath plumbing fixtures. Adding a handheld shower fixture is also a great idea. Mirrors, lighting, and anything else that needs updating, even if it means moving some walls to open up the room, can help to give the space a fresh look.

Flooring is also a great way to update any space. We have been doing quite a bit of vinyl lately because it is cost effective and durable, but we can do just about any kind of flooring from tile to hardwood that our customers desire.

Moving existing walls to open up interior spaces is also a very popular option. However, the walls that are being considered for removal must be examined to see if they are load bearing. If so, they would need the eye of an architect or an engineer to design what is needed to support the overhead structure that the walls are currently supporting. It may require a structural beam be installed to replace the wall. Again, an architect or engineer would need to create sealed drawings that could be submitted to the local building department for approval and inspection upon completion.

These are some of the things we have done, but the sky is the limit as to what could be done. Quality is job one. It takes the right contractor, the right craftsmen, the right materials, and the time to do things right. If you have those three things, beautiful projects are the result in the end.

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