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Frequently Asked Questions

Renovating a home can be a fun and exciting experience, especially when you have the right information. Projects vary, but we know there are some common questions that homeowners typically ask. We want to make sure you're fully prepared for your renovation project, so we're here to help you understand the process.

  1. How Can You Estimate the Project Timeline?

    Renovating a house is a big undertaking, and it’s likely to take longer than you expect. To avoid feeling frustrated, it’s important to plan ahead and leave plenty of buffer time. The length of time required for the project will depend on the size of the bathroom, and the complexity of the remodel.

    It’s a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to home renovation. Houses can have surprises that aren’t known until the project is underway, and delays in getting materials are unfortunately common. To make sure you don’t get stuck, it’s a smart idea to look at rough estimates for each space you want to remodel, and then add a decent amount of extra time. That way, if you don’t end up needing it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to have your project done early!

  2. How Can You Estimate the Renovation Cost?

    Planning a home renovation can be tough, especially when it comes to determining the cost. Each project is unique, so it can be hard to find comparable prices. Appliances and fittings are generally easier to price since they’re not custom-made. Even for tasks like new flooring, demolishing and replacing walls, or decorating, you can still get an accurate estimate.

    Our pro home flippers suggest getting an experienced set of eyes to get the most accurate estimate. A general contractor with a lot of renovation experience will know the standard prices for various projects. Doing your research on standard prices for certain components and consulting with an expert is the best way to make sure your estimate is spot on. Plus, don’t forget to add in some extra buffer money just in case.

  3. Are Renovations a Good Return on Investment?

    Yes! Home renovations can be a great idea for lots of reasons. Not only can they improve your home and your quality of life, but depending on the type of renovation you choose, they can also be a great investment.

    For example, if you’re looking to increase your home’s value when you sell, updating key appliances and rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms can help you get a better price. Plus, you’ll end up with a beautiful space that fits your designs and may even be more spacious!

    If you want to make sure you get the best return on investment, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money at each step of the process.

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